DTH Rods & Tools

The DTH drill quickly became popular for production drilling in open stopping. Because of its productivity, and straight hole accuracy. Its technology can be used for drilling up holes as well as down holes. Tooling is also used on surface applications in Civil Construction applications. Admiston offers a wide range of DTH tools suitable for a variety of drilling operations. Our Down the Hole tools provide the most versatile and cost effective rock drilling method.

DTH Rods & Tools

Whether you need casing to prevent contamination of well zones, prevent unstable upper formations from caving in on your bore hole, a strong upper foundation to continue drilling deeper or a smooth internal bore for installing production equipment. Admiston Equipment can supply casing for any of your drilling needs. Most Down The Hole Casing range in size from 4,5 inches (11.43 cm) to 20 inches (50.80 cm) outside diameter (“OD”) & is made from various grads of steel including J-55, L80, mild carbon steel, cold drawn steel carbon steel, A53 Grade A line pipe, 4130 & P110.
Rods (2)

Threaded Casing Diameter Sizes

70mm --- 355mm
2 3/8" --- 14"

Casing Threads

HUGHES 11-90

Casing Joints

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DTH Stabilizers

Our Stabilizers are manufactured to standard or custom sizes. We offer both Integral and welded stabilizers. Our stabilizers are fitted with hard banded pads which are manufactured with carbide mesh hard facing. Admiston stabilizers are inspected for size and angular alignment of connection shoulders. The longer wear pads and tight tolerances ensure longer life and excellent stabilization. Also available are a full range of Non-Rotating Stabilizers. Custom sizes and thread types available upon request.

DTH Drill Rods

Drill rods range from 2.75” O.D. x 72” shoulder-to-shoulder to 6.5” O.D. x 60” – 72” shoulder-to-shoulder and all sizes in between. We offer .186”, .250”, or .362” wall thickness. We will also manufacture to customer specifications including breakout wrench requirements.

Drag Bits

Our Drag Bits are manufactured to standard or custom sizes . Drag bits are drill bits for use in soft formations such as clay, sand and some soft rock.