Diamond Drilling Tools

Admiston’s mining services cover scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, detailed mine design and layouts, production scheduling and equipment selection, determination of reserves consistent with all internationally recognised reporting standards, geotechnical studies, geophysical studies, operating cost estimation and capital expenditure estimation, drill and blast and load and haul services

Diamond Bits

Admiston provides its clients with impregnated diamond bits which are manufactured using high quality raw materials for optimum drilling performance. We can recommend the optimum design for optimum performance in a variety of applications and conditions. Various face profiles, bonds and diamond qualities are available for superior coring performance and longer bit life resulting in fewer trips in and out of the hole, reducing costs and improving production.

Admiston offers a selection of surface set bit options for many ground conditions.
Admiston holds numerous profile and matrix options for wedging and directional drilling bits. Customised bits can be designed and manufactured for specific projects.
Admiston extensive range of casing, spud and shoe bits consists of all common sizes. These bits are proven to perform efficiently in tough conditions.
Admiston has a range of tough reaming bits. The ‘Ream over Reamer‘ is available in the following sizes: HWL HWT PWT
Admiston also stocks: NWL HWL PWL Hole openers
Admiston offers Heavy Duty Reaming Shells and Adaptor Coupling Reamers which have a reputation for being the industry leader. Our high quality shells continue to out perform all other brands and are our customer’s first choice. Admiston reamers are available in: LTK48 LTK60 BWL NWL HWL PWL


Admiston has a full range of surface, roller body and underground (pump in) overshots along with all spare parts readily available.

Water Swivels

Admiston stocks a full range of water swivels for all diamond drilling applications including 25K, 40K and the popular Compact swivel. We have a full range of ‘high speed’ underground water swivel options in stock. A complete range of spare parts and overhaul kits are available for Admiston swivels.

Adaptor Subs

Admiston stocks the most commonly used adaptor subs used in the exploration drilling industry. All other sizes and configurations are available upon request. Adaptor subs are quality assured.
Admiston offer the following:
Rod thread subs in all common sizes
Heavy and thin wall options
Hoisting plug adapter subs
Rod to casing adaptor subs
Water saver subs
Water swivel adaptor subs
Special subs can be made to order.

Drill Rods

Admiston offers drill rods which are proven in performance across the world in deep hole surface drilling operations and in many underground drilling operations around the world.

Core Barrel Assemblies

Admiston surface core barrels are available in all sizes including B, N, H and P Underground Core Barrel with Pump-In running gear sizes including B, N and H. All core barrel assemblies are supplied with the option of outer tube or Edge “Edge-Latch” head assembly. The outer tube options include full hole / hexagonal / chrome and extended. All core barrels can be purchased as complete 1.5 m (5ft) or 3 m (10ft) assemblies, or as individual components.

Core Lifters and Cases

Admiston provides a robust, high quality and reliable core lifters. Our core lifters and matching core lifter cases have been proven in all ground conditions. Available in fluted or diamond coated for NWL2 and HWL.
Admiston stocks core lifters and core lifter cases in the following sizes: LTK48, LTK60, BWL, NWL, NWL2, NWL3, HWL, HWL3, PWL, PWL3