Drilling Rigs Spare Parts

Admiston delivers spare parts and accessories for drilling rigs and drilling tools for many manufactures such as Epiroc (formally Atlas Copco), Sandvik, Furukawa, Dando, and many more. Some of the drilling rigs that we are working with are as follows:


Rock Buggy, SpeedROC 1F, SpeedROC 2F, SpeedROC 2FA, SpeedROC D30
Surface core drilling rigs Boyles C5, Boyles C6, Boyles C8C, Christensen 140, Christensen CT14, Christensen CT20
Underground core drilling rigs Diamec 232, Diamec MCR, Diamec PHC 4, Diamec PHC 6, Diamec PHC 8, Diamec Smart 4, Diamec Smart 6, Diamec Smart 8) Reverse circulation drilling rigs Explorac 100, Explorac 235
Boomer XE/WE, Boomer E, Boomer L, Boomer S1, Boomer S1 L, Boomer S2, Boomer M, Boomer M1 L, Boomer T1, Boomer 281, Boomer 282, Boomer XL3 D, Boomer E2 Battery
Simba S7, Simba M4, Simba M6, Simba E7, Simba E6-W, Simba 1254, Simba 1354
DM-M3, DM30 II, DM45/DM50, DM75, DML, DML-SP, PV-235, PV-271, PV-275, PV-311, PV-316, PV-351
AirROC D40, AirROC D50, AirROC T25, AirROC T35, BenchREMOTTE, FlexiROC D50, FlexiROC D55, FlexiROC D60, FlexiROC D65, FlexiROC T15 R, FlexiROC T20 R, FlexiROC T25 R Bauedition, FlexiROC T30 R Bauedition, FlexiROC T30 R Edition Steinbruch, FlexiROC T35, FlexiROC T35 R, FlexiROC T40, FlexiROC T40 R, FlexiROC T45, PowerROC D45, PowerROC D 55, PowerROC T25 DC, PowerROC T25 E, PowerROC T30 E, PowerROC T35, PowerROC T35 E, PowerROC T45, PowerROC T50, SmartROC C50, SmartROC CL, SmartROC D50, SmartROC D55, SmartROC D60, SmartROC D65, SmartROC T35, SmartROC T40, SmartROC T45
T2W, T3W, T3WDH, T4W, TH5, TH10, TH10LM, TH10LM OBC, TH60, TH60DH, WellDRill 3062


Jackal 9000 Multipurpose Drilling Rig.
Jackal 4000 Multipurpose Drilling Rig.
Dando Terrier Rotary Rig. Dando Duke Cable Percussion Drilling Rig.
Mintec 18 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig
Mintec 12.8 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig


Surface Top Hammer Drill Rigs

Ranger DX900i

Ranger DX800i

Ranger DX800

Ranger DX700

Ranger DX600

Ranger DX500

Ranger DX800R

Ranger DX600R

Pantera DP1500i

Tiger DG810

Tiger DG710

Dino DC410R/Ri

Commando DC300Ri

Commando DC130Ri

Commando DC120 / DC121R

Rotary Blasthole Drill Rigs

1190E Rotary blasthole drill rig

DR416i Rotary blasthole drill rig

DR412i Rotary blasthole drill rig

D90KS Rotary blasthole drill rig

D75KX Rotary blasthole drill rig

D55SP Rotary blasthole drill rig

D50KS Rotary blasthole drill rig

D45KS Rotary blasthole drill rig

D25KS Rotary blasthole drill rig

D245S Rotary blasthole drill rig

Surface Down-The-Hole Drill Rigs

Leopard DI650i Down-the-hole drill rig

Leopard DI560 Down-the-hole drill rig

Leopard DI450 Down-the-hole drill rig

Near mine exploration targeting